An Egg-cellent Week!

This week we started the letter E which included lots of Easter fun!

As usual, Piper started by doing the Letter E cut and collage. I am so impressed with how well she is doing with cutting! If you'll notice the pictures she cut out, you'll see she is getting very precise with cutting closely around the picture! This is definitely a skill that requires lots of practice and it is certainly paying off!

She also did this worksheet where she had to find the upper and lowercase E's and dot them with her do-a-dot marker. She really liked this!

Piper also traced the letter E and colored this page from Spell Outloud.

She worked on this egg letter match. For this one, I placed the capital letter on one half of the egg and the lowercase letter on the other half.  Then I mixed up all the pieces and had Piper match up the capital and lowercase letters. This was quite challenging for her mostly because she was overwhelmed by how many pieces there were. We are going to do this again next week but try it this way. Hopefully, that will make it a bit better for her!

Piper also worked on number recognition and counting by placing the correct number of Easter erasers on each number card chick from Lawteedah.

We pulled out our lacing cards this week too. Piper spent lots of time concentrating on putting the lace through the holes!

We did an Easter egg hunt (getting practiced up! lol).

Once she found them all, she opened them to find either an upper or lowercase E and then sorted them!

We did Easter relief paintings. The girls always love getting the paints out!

But they were especially delighted when we pulled the tape off to reveal the Easter egg picture!

The highlight of the week was Piper writing her name! She's been printing the letters in her name for a while now just never in order. Finally, this week, she began to understand the neccessity of putting them in the right order! She still needs some reminders from me to put the next letter beside the one she just printed but overall she's doing a really great job! She's so proud to be able to print her own name on her worksheets or colouring pages!

On top of all this, we've spent time working on the Wordless Book and singing new songs such as Two Little Bluebirds and the Song For Saplings Easter verse. I'm so glad I decided to do an Easter theme for this week and next because with spring in full swing at last it fits perfectly!

That's all for this week!

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Elle Belles Bows said...

Wow!! Good job to Piper on writing her name!! Great activities!


Suanna said...

Sounds like an eggs-citing week! By the way where do you get the dot markers.

Gina said...

Suanna, I got the do-a-dot markers from but I've also seen them at Michael's and on Amazon.

Anonymous said...

What a fun week! I love the Easter egg painting. Yay on writing her name! I'm stopping by from Preschool Corner.

Drea said...

I love the letter matching with plastic eggs. :)

Michelle said...

Oh, all that fun! :) Looks like you girls have been busy! ;)

You got featured with this post in this week's High paw! Thank you for participating and hope to see you add to our fun again this week! :)

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