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There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings. 

~Hodding Carter, Jr.

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Silly Ol' Bear!

Last night, Piper and I, along with Nana and Boppa (my M&D), went to see the Winnie the Pooh Movie.

Going to the theatre is simply exciting all by itself.

When I told Pipe we were going she was shaking with excitement.

She pretty much acts how I feel inside about these simple pleasures.


I didn't have any huge expectations for this movie but as always, looked forward to doing something special with my biggest little girl!

In the end though, I have to admit that this was one of the best kid's movies I've seen in a long time!

First of all, they used classic animation. Oh, how I've missed it! (I LOATHE 3D!)

Second, there was no catering to the adults with humor only they would get. That was fun and all with Shrek. Then it just got annoying.

Thirdly, regardless of the last point, I still laughed and found it funny. It helped that my daughter was letting loose with a full on belly laugh next to me. But seriously, Pooh thinking that Owl is sneezing because he says 'issue' and Piglet's innocently useless efforts to help his friends escape from a pit they've fallen into is hilarious!

Finally, there was nothing in the movie to make me uncomfortable about having brought my 3 year old to see it. Which is golden and increasingly hard to find.

So, go see this movie with your kids! They'll enjoy it and so will you!

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Nature Shirts

Today, thanks to my sister-in-law inviting us to join her little gang's craft adventure, we made nature shirts!
And are they ever cool!

Yesterday, we started by going for a walk around the neighborhood collecting nature items. The kids were very excited to find things and add them to their collecting bag!

Then, today, we layed the items out on the shirts....

And sprayed them with fabric paint!
Here are the fantastic results:

Piper's shirt.

Taitum's shirt.

The finished products hung up to dry!
Aren't they great?!
The best silouettes were the flower and fern ones.
They kinda had me wishing I'd done my own shirt!

Best toys for toddlers

Are Your Feet Kissing??

Piper is at the point of being capable of doing most things on her own. Getting herself ready for the day, getting her own snack, setting her own spot at the table. Not only does it make things easier for me but she is extremely proud of her abilities.

Although she has conquered many different skills over the past year, there are still some that need some work. One such skill being getting her shoes on the right feet! She would get SO frustrated when she'd be all ready to go and I'd have to stop her and get her to switch her shoes.

So we came up with a solution. Most of her shoes now have a smiley face on the inside part of each shoe. She knows that her shoes are on the right feet when they are "kissing"!

The question is no longer, "Are your shoes on the right feet?" but rather "Are your feet kissing?"
Works like a charm!

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These Are A Few of My Favorite {Preggo} Things!

I find that things that I never think twice about become very precious when I am pregnant!

Like Tums Smoothies.

They are a billion times more bareable than the regular ol' kind and make a world of difference when I consume something that baby simply doesn't like...

Miss Vickie's Salt and Vinegar chips. Ok, so maybe I love these ALL the time but even more so right now when I'm craving lots of salty salt!!

And this summer's super snack... Blue Menu Fruit Juice Freeze Pops. Best. Thing. Ever.

If you're on my Facebook, you've heard my desparate plea for easy chicken recipes exempt of tomatoes or anything nauseating. The result: a new found love for Campbell's cream soups! Easy, yummy meals that don't make me lose it! :)

Like tonight. I made Chicken Pot Pie using cream of chicken soup. It was delish! I even had 2 helpings!!

I also officially love ruching. It makes for very comfortable shirts that satisfactorily cover the emerging baby bump!

Um, and I love elasticized waists, too....

Finally, above all else. I love this guy:

Not that it takes pregnancy for me to realize how wonderful he is. But he's the glue holding us all together right now. Pitching in with whatever needs to be done, doting on me when I feel like crap, holding me when the hormones get the best of me and I turn into a blubbery, emotional mess and being Super Dad Extraoridinare! He has this way of making everything alright!

What about you? What were/are some of your favorite things during pregnancy?

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As a habit, Matt usually 'airplanes' Piper to her bed at night. She absolutley loves being lifted up on his shoulders and zoomed around the house before landing in her bed. Last night, Matt was heading to the store while I got Pipe into bed. Before he could leave though she asked for their nightly ritual but got a little mixed up - "Daddy! Can I go on your knee-ders?!" :D

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Great Expectations

I know, I know - I have some explaining to do!
A month and a half of being absent from my beloved Montage cannot just be excused, right?!
Well, try this on for size!

It all began one day in May with this:

Which in turn was inevitably followed by lots of this:

Soon it was time to tell our families, so Matt made these shirts for us girls so we could surprise them!

And so here we are 12 weeks later. Homeschool is at a stand still. Housework is at the bare minimum. Matt has been making most of our suppers. The smell of onions and ground beef make me want to vomit. I go to bed at 8 o'clock some nights. Needless to say, blogging has been on the back burner!

But its funny. Once that first trimester is in hindsight you suddenly feel better! Just like that!
So I'm blogging. I baked muffins today. I made supper all by myself and resisted the urge to gag when I chopped garlic and cooked chicken! Pipe and I played an ABC game. I even cleaned the toilet and changed the sheets this week! Things are looking up!

I guess that means I'm sorta back. Not making any promises but you're likely to hear a bit more from me over the weeks to come.

You've been warned!

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