"When I Grow Up..."

Piper is rather enamoured with the new baby.
She is such a little Mama - helping with whatever I ask of her (and some things that I don't...), showering Renly with kisses and asking on a rather continual basis to hold her.

A couple days ago, Piper asked me, "Mama, can I be a Mama when I grow up?"
"Yes, you most likely can." I replied.
"Well, I want to be a doctor or a Mama!", she said.
"Those are both good things to be." I answered.
She sat there thoughtfully for a moment and shook her head.
"No, I want to be a MAMA!"


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5 Minute Friday: Vivid



As the momentum builds, the world turns black
Voices and movement swirl around
But there is no consciousness of what is happening outside of my body
All faculties are irreversibly drawn to the deep, dark pain
Concentration wholeheartedly directed to the task at hand
In between times I verbally remind myself, "I can do this!"
And then breathe, just breathe
Soon it all escalates to a roar
The world is dead to me
The hurt, all that matters
And out of this raging, searing pain
She comes
Plopped onto my chest
The most vivid, coherent image I've seen in hours
Bringing with her relief and peace and pure brilliant joy


She Is HERE!

Renly Soleil arrived Monday, January 16th at 12:45pm weighing in at 7lb 13oz!
We are both doing so well and are happily settling into life together (on the outside!).
I'll fill you in on all the details once I've caught up on some sleep
But thought you'd like to know about our newest ray of sunshine!

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Freezer Fanatic!

With this being pregnancy number 3, you'd think I'd know the ropes by now.
For the most part, I do.
But I sometimes fail to listen to my own advice.
Be prepared!
At 38 weeks, the nursery is not complete, my hospital bag is half packed, we just started making freezer meals this past weekend and all the cleaning I needed to get done was only accomplished thanks to my lovely mother-in-law stopping in yesterday and finishing it up for me!
But I've always been a procrastinator so its really not that crazy!
And I have a ton of help.
Let's just say my family is amazing!
(Wait til you see the nursery my parents are helping me create!)
So it is all coming together and I've been able to relax and enjoy time with my sweet girls the past few days!

I am so excited though at the brainwave of having a months worth of freezer meals ready to go!
The thought of not having to cook for a whole month after baby arrives is just heavenly!
Matt's parents bought us a freezer for Christmas and I purchased the book Don't Panic - Dinner's in the Freezer!
We made a list of all the meals we wanted to make.
I made a grocery list.
Matt went shopping.
Then we got down to buisness!

Is it just me or does he look WAY too happy about this project!
I must admit, he is an amazing cooking partner!

Mushrooms galore!
Just waiting to be washed and chopped!
I got lots of strange looks from people in the store as I pushed around a cart with just 10 boxes of mushrooms and 18 pounds of ground beef! :)

Chicken waiting to go!
*Please note, my fridge never looks this clean except when I'm in the extreme stages of nesting!!*

And we're off!
Do I look way too huge to be doing this?
Well, I was!
Word of advice:
 Undertake such projects when there is a much smaller baby between you and the counter!!

And 3 hours later, we had 17 meals all ready to go!
Not bad, eh?!
Since then we've also managed to add 5 more to the pile as well as bread and rolls and such as they go on sale!
This Mama is super pleased!!

Yes, that is my belly creeping into the picture of our filling freezer!

Here's a list of what we've made in case you'd like some inspiration!

Spaghetti Sauce

Pizza Dough w/ prepared hamburger topping

I'm sure a google search would render you a million other ideas but I have really found the book practical and helpful!
And really, whether you have a new baby coming or not, I think this is a fantastic and stress free way to prepare for a month of meals!

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Belated Blogging

I suppose its time I returned to the blog world...at least to fill you in our Christmas and all we've been up to!
Most nights, lying on the couch, taking a bath or sleeping win out over blogging.
But at 38 weeks, can you blame me?!

So, Christmas.
It was wonderful, as always.
But I did feel a little overwhelmed by what needed to be done and more so by what I had to set aside as impossible for me this year.
In the end, everything worked out beautifully.
I even think the kids weren't terribly scarred by not getting to make gingerbread men this year.:)

Baby belly the week before Christmas. {35 weeks}

Even without my usual energy, we did get to delve into lots of fun holiday activities...

Christmas play doh - an all time favorite!
Church Christmas concerts and frilly dresses.
Gingerbread princess castles!!

And despite not be being able to make most of our gifts this year I did get around to a couple things that made me smile...

And a color match game for Taitum!

Then there were a number of heart warming moments...
Thankful sister hugs,
writing on packages that brought me to tears (again, I am very pregnant. Don't judge! lol)
And family fun! (Three cheers for Daddy being home for 2 whole weeks!)

Then we rang in the New Year 6 hours early and called it a year!

So our Christmas wasn't typical.
Much of our holiday was plagued with sick kiddos and restless nights.
And I am going crazy with the whole nesting thing.
But we were together and oh so blessed in a million ways!

So although its a little belated...

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year!!


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