Do You Remember?

I am reminded every day
Of how quickly we forget
The simple pleasures of childhood.
Do you remember?

The important feeling of carrying a stick around for hours on end
Only letting it go when you find a bigger and better one?

The delight of stepping in water that is up to the ankles of your rubber boot
And the cool sensation of that murky water surrounding you?

The exciting challenge of NOT stepping on a crack in the sidewalk
(You just might break your mother's back!)
And the heroic leap you'd take to pass over?

The joy of swinging through the air
And imagining you are a bird, flying high in the sky above?

The curiousity that overwhelmed you as you tried to peek through the holes of the drain
And the entertainment of dropping rocks through those holes to obtain the loveliest 'kerplunk' sound?

The sheer thrill of realizing you can make pictures and letters in the sand with a stick
And that you can erase it with a swipe of your foot?

The hilariousness of the 'squish-squelch' sound that walking in mud conjures up
And the immense pride of having made those perfect, deep prints?

The obsession of watching the ants or spiders or worms or slugs
- the creatures that you find every which way-
That blow your mind with their smallness and speed and their mysteries that you have yet to discover?

Do you remember?
I forgot.
But I am being reminded
Over and over again.
Life is simple
And sweet
And so very delightful.
If only we'd slow down and remember.

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Suanna said...

Very well put. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and remember.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree - I've been trying to spend time playing with my kids outside lately and it really reminds me of my own childhood adventures. Having kids gives a great reason to dive back into those simple pleasures!

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