Easter Tot Time!

The past few weeks I haven't posted any Tot School posts. Basically, they would have been exact re-runs of what Piper's been doing and I didn't think there was any need for repitition. But this week ended up being different! Although you'll notice Taitum doing some of the same activities as Piper, there are also quite a few that I came up with that were specifically for her. Some weeks I just seem to have my act together. So here is Tait's egg-cellent week!

First, Taitum worked on a glueing activity. She's learning to stick things in the glue instead of licking it! Plus it is an excellent way to reuse the scrap paper from Piper's cut and collage and keep little hands busy and out of trouble! :)

Can you tell that she really likes using the do-a-dot markers?!

This was a flower color match from Lawteedah. I printed off 2 sets of the flower tops and glued one set to the stems (covering up the color word) making it much more appropriate for Tait. I was surprised at how good she was at this and that she did them all rather than getting bored and running away after 2 seconds!

Lately, Taitum has really taken to 'coloring', which are really just scrawls of crayon color all across the paper! But she likes it and loves doing it right beside her big sis!

Another color match activity. I would give her one half of an egg and she'd have to find the matching half. Again, she was surprisingly good at this! She'll even attempt to repeat the color name after me!

Then we filled the eggs with some different things...

And shook them to hear what they sounded like! Lots of noise = lots of fun!

When Piper was counting erasers, Taitum wanted to join in so her and I worked together on numbers 1-5. She was very particular about where each eraser should be placed!

Then she sorted all the erasers for me!

Taitum had her own little egg hunt. She added to the challenge by insisting on wearing a mitten! It was pretty hilarious to watch her trying to pick up the eggs with a mittened hand. She is the class clown though so she thoroughly enjoyed the laughs she was generating from such antics!

After she collected all the eggs, Piper helped her open them. They contained either a blue or red paper which she then sorted on a sheet I had ready.

Lastly, Taitum did an Easter egg relief painting along with her sister. In the end there was paint pretty much everywhere on Tait (at one point I caught her sticking the brush down her shirt and painting her chest!) and my kitchen but she loves painting so much, it totally makes it worth it!

That wraps up the highlights of our Tot times this week!

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Patricia said...

Love that you include bot of the kids in the activity.

The Little Truffle Maker said...

She is quite the character---can only imagine the stories you will have of her, once she starts school. She will have the class laughing for sure. love the second photo of her with her arms up in the air---Thanks for sharing

Gina said...

Yes, Sandi, that 2nd photo is definitely my favorite of the whole week! She is very animated!

My Oatmeal Kisses said...

I love your little girls hair! So cute! YOur ideas are so fun. I need to get me some dot markers!! (Where can you get 'em?)

Gina said...

I got mine from scholarschoice.ca but I've also seen them at Michael's and on Amazon.com

Elle Belles Bows said...

Wow! Lots of fun activities! Love the picture of T with the do a dot markers!! CUTE!

Happy Easter!


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