Snowed In! (and Out)

This was our second week of winter themed activities. We didn't get as much accomplished as I had planned. With Daddy home due to a snow day we were able to spend that day out and about which was rather nice! Here is what we did on other days:

We made this cute little name snow man, an idea I got from Musings of Me. Piper did pretty good ordering the letters to her name correctly. She always mixes up the placement for 'E' and 'R' but we're working on it! The piece of paper that we used for the snow on the ground was from Confessions of a Homeschooler's Scissor Skills which Piper had just completed.

We played this Skating Snowflakes Game from the Winter Fun pack at Itsy Bitsy Learners. Rolling the dice was the best part of the game for Pipe!

This counting snowflakes activity was fun! We took turns placing the snowflakes and counting them and finding the right number. I found this at Itsy Bitsy Learners, too.

Next up, the snowman letter match from Confessions of a Homeschooler's Letter S Unit. She had to find the letters to the word 'snowman'.

This cute little penguin was created by Piper at a program she attends at our local library. She was EXTREMELY proud of him! (If you live in my area, I HIGHLY recommend the public library programs! They are free, available for all ages and SO good!)

As you can see here, we switched spots one morning and did some of our work on the couch instead of at the table. I thought it would be helpful to try a new place since lately I've found it somewhat difficult to keep Piper's attention. This change of scenery worked well except for the fact that Taitum could reach everything and so we had to spend some time retrieving some things from her!
Anyhow, what Piper is working on here is an exercise from Musings of Me's Snow Unit. She sorted things that started with the letter 'S' from those that started with another letter. Since we had never done anything like this before, she found it rather challenging at first. Once she got the hang of listening for the "S' sound though, she did a wonderful job!

I snuck this picture in because it is Piper's new obsession! I trip over find these little 'castles' that she has built for varying animals everywhere!

We read Snip, Snip... Snow! this week and also cut out some paper snowflakes! Piper was so bummed out about this 'boring' activity until she saw the result! Haha! I loved her reaction!

She wanted to take some pictures of me and my snowflakes too...

A budding photographer don't you think? She even told me where to hold the snowflake!

Like the girl in the story, we too used the clippings from the snowflakes to make a snowman.

This is our "What Can You do in the Winter?" wall. I printed off the mini book from Itsy Bitsy Learners Winter Fun Pack and then I printed off pictures of the winter activities she's done so far. The third picture is her drawing of herself doing the activity (can you tell what her favorite color is this week??). As she does the other activites, we will add them to our wall!

Finally, we checked out some close up pictures of real snowflakes at Then we caught some of our own and brought them inside to look at. They were a little disappointing since they weren't the really pretty, perfectly formed kind but the kids enjoyed it regardless.

I hope you enjoyed viewing our winter-y week! From the look of things outside my window, we will have much more opportunity to explore winter things in the weeks to come! Having fun things to look forward to makes this weather seem not so cold and dreary! But for this stormy night I think we will cuddle up for a cozy movie night!

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