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I came across a post today that was so relevant to how I've been feeling lately. At the end of the day, I feel like very little has been accomplished. I get discouraged because the tub that I promised myself would be scrubbed clean by the end of the day is still as filthy as the moment I stepped in it this morning. The closet I aimed to organize that afternoon is still in shambles. My goal of having a clean kitchen floor is a flop.

The thing is, I don't stop all day long. I take an hour to myself during nap time to sip a coffee and catch up on FB and my blog but THATS IT! So what's going on?!

Thankfully, I have this amazing husband who comes home at the end of the day and draws out of me all the things I did do that day. And as I start to list everything, I become more and more encouraged that the day (or week or month) has not been a loss! Its just that, well, at this stage of the game reading to my girls or playing blocks with them is more important that the cleanest house. My time with them is important!

And the thing is - I do clean! I clean in increments throughout the whole day. I mentioned to Matt about that the other night too. My frustration: if I clean all day, why, oh why, is it still a mess! Ha! He kindly informed me that this is the season we are in. For now, I am in maintenance mode. I need to be OK with that. If we have clean clothes, clean dishes and healthy meals, that is a job well done with 2 young ones swirling around and demanding so much time and attention. All the other things will come with time. Not that I don't clean my tub, organize areas or mop my floors - I do. It just doesn't get done every week like I want it to. I realized that I am my own worse boss. I put way too much pressure on myself. So although I will continue to aim high with my daily goals, I am also going to strive to be content with having done the important things and not be brought done by the "so-called" urgent things in life. Because let's face it - although a perpetually clean kitchen floor would be nice, it really isn't that urgent of a matter. Taking time to cuddle my girls, have a coffee with my sweet hubby - now that's what matters.

I've rambled on long enough. I only meant to share this post - Fighting the Tyranny of the Urgent at Home. What can I say?...Blogging is therapeutic! ;)

P.S. I also read this post - Rock Bottom Mom - and found it very encouraging. Not that I've hit rock bottom, I actually feel pretty great, but some of the tips she gives are helpful, even for just those weeks when things are just not going the way you had hoped!

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