12 Steps to a Happy Morning

1. Make sure your coffee pot is set to turn on in the morning so that when you get up there is a fresh pot waiting for you. If you don't have this feature go buy one that does. This is a very important step!

2. Make sure your hubby knows that the best way to wake you up in the morning is by giving you a back rub.

3. Get up before the kids do and take a shower. Its always best to be one step ahead of them!

4. Put on some cozy pjs or loungewear so you stay cozy for at least another hour.

5. Teach your kids to stay in their rooms until a certain time. In our case, that is 8am but do whatever is plausible for your family. Having a few minutes to enjoy your coffee does wonders for starting your day with a smile!

6. Kiss your hubby goodbye as he heads out the door. And tell him you love him and he's the best man in the world.

7. When you get the kids up take some time to snuggle them while they are still all warm and cozy. Also, this is the best time of the day to get some cuddles without them trying to run away from you to go do more important kid things. Take advantage of this moment!

8. Find enjoyment in the fact that they are the only people in the world who will dance and giggle at the sight of you in fleece pjs and a towel on your head at 8am in the morning!

9. Plan on yummy, satisfying breakfasts in the morning. This is the one meal where you'll rarely have to fight with them to eat what they're given. More often than not they ask for seconds. Count it a victory.

10. While preparing this lovely meal, take time to listen in on the joy they find in being reunited after 13 hours of separation. Tuck this scene away in your head for later in the day when they are fighting over a toy.

11. Sit and eat breakfast with them. You'll be surprised at the amount of things they have to tell you about after a whole night. Plus its important for 3 year olds to hammer out what exactly the plans for the day are.

12. Together thank Jesus for giving you all another day to spend together, for a Daddy who works hard so that Mama can be home and for the breakfast that you get to enjoy. It is advised that you also ask for patience at this point too, because after a happy morning, its time to start your day!

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Moi, la perdue! said...

ah comment #2 makes me dream!
and as comment #3 goes i'll take the extra hour of sleepéébecause 4h30 is early to wake up in my book!
For comment #5..hopes, tired failed misarably..But learned about it anyway! Wake up withthe kids!

have a super day Gina!

Gina said...

haha! yes, well this is a rather 'ginafied' version of a happy morning! :)

Andrea Cook said...

your version of a happy morning sounds lovely...very different from mine. Mine definately doesn't include coffee and i don't get to see my husband before he leaves in the morning

Gina said...

really, i think the most important thing is the routine. It keeps me sane!

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