A Wintery Week

This week was a rather fantastic one.
We're finally settling into a happy rhythm after 6 weeks of transitions and sickness (to name a few obstacles).
As a result, we were out and about quite a bit.
I think we all needed it.
As much as we all enjoy being at home, endless days of going no where can be a little much!
Because of this we got a little less done than I had planned but still kept pretty busy the times we were home!
Again, we concentrated on The Snowy Day but also had fun with a few polar animal activities I came across.

We started off with a fun little snack time game: Feed the Penguin!
The girls would roll a dice and feed the penguin the corresponding number of goldfish!

We also worked on recognizing red, yellow and green again this week by doing color hunts.
The hunting is fun.
The returning of the items not no much....

Piper put the alphabet in order with some penguin cards.

Then Tait came along and worked on finding the lowercase letter to match the uppercase letters that Pipe had put in order.

This set also includes pictures with beginning sounds to match each letter in the alphabet, although we didn't get that far this week!

Piper put numbers 1-20 in the correct order to complete an Arctic animal puzzle.
This was easy for her until she reached the teens.
Although she recognizes those numbers, she isn't quite as familiar with them so really had to think about what came next.
In the end, she completed the entire puzzle on her own and was extremely proud of herself for doing so!

We learned about Joseph and his coat of many colors this week in our Bible studies.
Of course that meant creating a colorful coat which was perfect since the girls were just itching to get at the glitter glue markers their Auntie and cousins sent them!
(Thanks Auntie Mable, Jodi and Victoria!)

The girls are OBSESSED with their lapbooks and were asking to work with them every day!
Taitum worked on sorting summer and winter clothes some more.

While Piper hunted for shapes in The Snowy Day.

It's so fun to watch her sounding out the letters to discover the correct word!
I can hardly believe she is able to do this already!

Something new we started this week was breakfast discussion time.
I posted these topics on the wall and each morning we'd talk about a different topic.
Piper was especialy eager to participate in this and was very thoughtful with her answers.
With the topic: Words That Describe Snow we also read No Two Snowflakes.
It's about a little girl writing to penpal in Africa who has never seen snow.
She uses all kinds of descriptive words and imagery to convey what snow is like and what you can do with it.
Piper was very intrigued by the fact that there are people who live in countries where there is no snow and that there are even children who have never seen snow before.
Later, I found her writing her own letter to a little girl who had never seen snow to tell her what it is like!

Overall, a big success and something I plan to continue each week!

Finally, this afternoon we made snowball cookies!
(This was an idea I got from Delightful Learning's post on The Snowy Day and a blog that I recommend as being packed full of ideas especially if you are using BFIAR!)
Piper got them started while Tait was still napping and (with the help of the Kitchenaid and me reading the recipe) did it all herself!

Tait was up in time to help roll the dough into the balls and then roll them in icing sugar after they baked!

And she sure was not going to miss the best part -

We did another science experiment this week too but once again I'll save that for another post!

Now we are looking forward to March break and a whole week with Daddy home!

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