The Runaway Bunny {BFIAR}

This is an overview of what we did last week.
A little late, I know.
Blogging has taken a back seat to a weekend away and a busy, busy week.
But for my own records and your enjoyment I thought it was was better late than not at all!
Here goes!

The week was filled with all kinds of little dilemmas.
I locked all three kids in the van when I was due to be at a doctor's appointment.
And another day locked all of us out of the house.
Mama brain, perhaps?
The girls kept me busy - playing make-up with an inkpad and hairdresser with real scissors.
And Tait felt pooing on the driveway made more sense than coming inside to the potty on such a beautiful day.
Ah, the life of a mother!
Thankfully, we were oozing positivity this week due to the warm weather and beautiful sunshine.
With weather like that how can one stop smiling?!
The majority of our time was spent outside exploring all the joys of spring!

We spruced up the van.

Checked out the buds on the trees.

And discovered that the bulbs we planted in the fall are starting to grow!!

Our BFIAR book this week was The Runaway Bunny.

We played an animal memory game that included many of the animals the little bunny in the story says he will become plus a few others.

Piper did an 'if, then' activity that related to the story.

In the story, little bunny says he will become a crocus in a garden so we made crocuses!
The girls traced their hands and cut them out.
Then we taped them around pencils and ended up with a lovely bouquet!

We talked about shapes this week.
Taitum learned about triangles, squares, circles and crescents.
She glued pictures from the book of things that are these shapes under the correct shape flap.
Piper learned about things that are round: spheres, circles and disks.
She also did a flap book activity to correspond with this.

(Yes, those are socks on Tait's hands!)

For an art activity, we discussed how some of the illustrations in the book are black and white and others are in color.
Then the girls made their own black and white and color illustrations.

Piper did an excellent job drawing the bunny from the book.
She then painted a picture of the bunny at the circus.
This was her favorite part of the story - when the little bunny says he will join the circus and fly away on the flying trapeze and his mama says she will become a tightrope walker and walk across the air to him.

That was our week...last week!
It was such a relief to spend so much time outside!

Next, we'll be 'rowing' The ABC Bunny and spending some time on Easter type things!

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