About A Girl

It's rather amazing to watch your child grow from being a little baby to a kid with a personality all her own.
I'm continually baffled by the beauty of this experience.
And it's only the beginning!
Everyday there is something new.
Her little quirks and random comments leave me smiling and shaking my head at her ability to come up with things on her own.
She has become this real little person who knows things and asks questions and has her own opinions and idea.
(Does she ever!)
I'm sure this probably sounds silly.
But seriously!
This girl is sounding out words like 'mat' and 'sat'!
She can make herself breakfast and comes out of her room each morning all dressed and ready for the day.
She even has this uncanny sense of style that puts me to shame.
She'll totally be the daughter who will give me fashion tips.
(Goodness knows, I need them!)
She's obsessed with dancing and can pull off these crazy moves that make it look like she actually knows what she is doing.
I ask her to pose for a picture and BOOM!
Ballerina dance pose comin' at ya!

And even though she can fight and tease and irritate like there is no tomorrow,
she also can love her sisters wholeheartedly.
She's the little Mama who puts them in there place when need be but kindly includes them in (almost) all her play.
She's looks after me too, in her own little way.
Like how she saves portions of her meal and brings it to me if I'm nursing the baby during a mealtime.
Or how she saves the last candy in the package just for me.
Melt. My. Heart.

To my great pleasure, she's an artsy little thing.
Snapping pictures left and right.
Even setting things up to create the perfect shot.


As of late, she's really taken to drawing.
She NEVER wants a coloring book.
White paper only, please and thank you.
And then she comes up with the greatest things.
Like a rock with a smiley face and a really big foot.


Did I mention her unique style?
She fixates on certain pieces of her attire for days at a time.
A hat, a crown, a headband, sunglasses, high heel shoes...
This girl is totally cool.

And to top it all off, she's pretty stinking smart.
These days she's into letters and playing this game where I make the letter sound and she has to figure out what letter it is and print it on the whiteboard.
Over and over again.
She is simply blowing my mind!

So, yeah, I know.
She is just a regular kid doing what kids do.
But she's mine!
And I can't get over her!
She's my gal
And I'm her Mom who thinks she's simply wonderful!


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~ Sally Clarkson

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My Hubby
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She is my compassionate, dramatic, fun to be around 6 year old. She loves to shop, get dressed up fancy and anything else that screams girly!


She is my goofy, snuggly 4 year old who loves to sing and dance and smile all day long!


She is our one year old smarty pants! She does all she can to keep up with her older sisters and to keep them in line!

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