Mission Accomplished!

I've been hesitating to post this.
It's seems as soon as you state something as true about one of your children, they change their mind.
Like when you tell someone that, "oh yes! - my baby is sleeping through the night."
She will inevitably NOT sleep through the night that night.
But it been a couple weeks now so maybe, just maybe, I'm safe to share this latest accomplishment with you.....

Way to go, Taitum!
We are so proud of you!

It's been a long hard road but she is consistently going to the potty and only donning diapers at nap and bedtime.
The good ol' no pants method worked once again!
And peeing on the floor.
LOTS of peeing on the floor.
I do believe we all learn best from our mistakes though, right?

In conclusion, my recipe for potty training
(which is in no way guarnteed to work. In fact, it likely will not. At least for the first 6 times you try it. Two year olds are stinkers. Potty training sucks.):

1 potty in the livingroom
0 pants or underwear
1 bare bum
10,000 rolls of paper towel
2 extra loads of laundry
1 spray mop
1 crazy, ridiculous potty dance
More patience than anyone probably has!

You might want to throw in some kind of reward system but I've found granting them the privelege of flushing the toilet and washing their hands on their own works wonders!

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