Valentines and Vegetables!

On weeks like this one, these weekly wrap-up posts become SO valuable! Coming to the end of a week that seemed to last forever and that felt so very unproductive, its nice to look back and see that things did get accomplished! Don't get me wrong - comforting, cuddling and nursing my sick littles back to health is a huge accomplishment in my books! But its a lot harder to see or even look back on since it all just seems like one big blur! Its nice to be encouraged by my own posts!

Here are some of this week's encouragements: 

On Valentine's Day, we made contact paper heart suncatchers like the ones I saw at Teach Mama.

Then, being oh-so-inspired by Counting Coconuts, we practiced pouring Valentine confetti into a jar.

As I mentioned in my post on Tuesday, Monday was a bit hectic so I had a few Valentine activities that we weren't able to get around to. Rather than starting a new theme, I decided to finish up what I had planned. This included practice cutting strips of hearts (also from Counting Coconuts).

Then we did this little rhyme:

6 little Valentines I once knew
All lined up for us to view
But the Valentine that I like best
It is the one that rhymes with...

bed - red, bean - green, shoe - blue, mellow - yellow, stink - pink, bright - white

Rhyming is something new for Piper and I'm not totally sure she got it but both girls enjoyed the song and the chance to join in by picking the right colored heart!

Paper Heart Tube Stamps were fun to do but short lived. Within 5 minutes both girls were done with this craft! I guess they didn't find the heart shaped stamps as amusing as I did!

I had some fun though by combining the paper tube stamps, my camera and an idea I saw at Pink Paper Peppermints! I ended up with this cute picture of my lovelies!
Mama's heart :)

As well, Piper worked away at transferring heart shaped bracelets from one bowl to another using a clothes pin.

We pulled out the good ol' Do-a-Dot markers and did the Letter V sheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Piper got a little crazy with her dots this time! Once she was done, most of the sheet was filled with dots but she was able to fill in the 'Vv' first! I love how excited she gets about getting to use these markers!

We began a vegetable theme so we could continue on with learning about the letter V for the rest of the month. We didn't get too terribly far with this because sickness hit and our school time was dramatically reduced for a few days. So look out! Next week is likely to be FULL of vegetables (and maybe a few violins and vacuums, too?)

We did manage to color in some vegetable pictures which will hopefully be turned into a mobile next week!

Piper matched vegetables using these printables from Homeschool Creations. This was more to build up her vocabulary since she didn't really know what a squash or zucchini looks like in their unmashed and ungrated form! ;) We will be using these cards for different activities next week too!

With it being a sick week, I finally got around to introducing Piper to Starfall. I've meant to for a while since I'd heard lots of good stuff about it and had investigated it for myself and liked what I saw. But I'm not big on my kids sitting in front of a screen for any length of time so it just wasn't a priority. Until this week... If they're going to sit in front of a screen they might as well be learning something! And I have to say I was pretty impressed with the stuff Piper picked up while playing around with the program! So check it out!

That's our week! The good, the bad and the...lovely?
See you next week!

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Elle Belles Bows said...

You had a very wonderful week even with the illness! Thanks for sharing starfall. I have seen it before but forgot about it. Kerri

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great week!

Drea said...

I love the paper tube hearts! We did that a few months ago but in a leaf shape. :)

Confessions Of A Homeschooler said...

Looks like you had so much fun! Very cute blog by the way :o)

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