Monday Menu Plan - Week #4

This week is the last week I'll being posting my menu plans since I'll be cycling back through them starting next week. I'll still be posting about new recipes I've tried and such but I'm quite content to keep this menu plan cycle for a few months. I may replace a few of the new recipes I tried and didn't like. I find I have to try something new at least once a week or I get mucho bored!!

I thought I'd also add the link to the menu planner I use since its been very helpful: Menu Planner at The Homeschool Mom. I print the weekly planner you'll see at that link too and plan my major housecleaning for the week, as well. All of this is in a binder along with the recipes for everything. Then each week I post (on the fridge) the menu on a menu notepad that my wonderful neighbor, Heather, gave me! This system is working well for me and now that I am a month into this planning meals for a month thing, I can honestly say it's worth it! It has made my life so much easier!

Week 4


B: Cereal and banana

L: Rotini w/ pasta sauce and melon

S: Quiche and sweet potato fries


B: Blueberry Pancakes

L: Tuna Sandwich, corn and apple slices

S: Sweet and Sour Meatballs on rice and carrots


L: Mac and Cheese, peas and banana


L: LO soup, grilled cheese and grapes


B: Hard boiled egg and toast

L: Mini Pizzas, veggies and dip and fruit cup

S: Spaghetti and Caesar Salad


B: French Toast Dippers

L: We're away!

S: We're Away!

Finally, I just wanted to share with you a few new recipes I tried this past week which were SO good! First of all, Creamy Corn Chowder! It happened to be planned for an evening when it was storming outside and for that reason was extra satisfying!

Secondly, remember the potluck I had to go to and the hankering I had for Hash Brown Casserole? Well, I found a recipe and was it ever good! Let's just say I didn't have to bring any home!

So happy planning and cooking!  And drop me a line to let me know if any of this has been helpful or inspired you to try something new!

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Andrea Cook said...

hey, we tried the creamy corn chowder last week and it was delicious! I wouldn't use 3 cloves of garlic next time said 2-3 and since i didn't use onions (andrew hates onions) i went for the 3 but it was a little too garlicy. thanks for the ideas!

Sarah said...

YAY!! I love recipes. I need to start menu planning so I am not at such a loss when it come to what ingredients I have

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