Back on Track!

It feels so good to be back on track! There is something so rejuvenating about getting housework done especially after its been on hold for a whole week! The tub is clean, the fridge is clean and guess what I made?!!!

Ta-da! Yup, this is my very own, homemade yogurt! And is it ever yummy! I'm gonna try it out on the kids tomorrow but I'm pretty positive they're going to love it!

I came across the 'recipe' at Granola Mom 4 God. Before that I had never realized you even could make it yourself without some kind of fancy appliance or something! Yay for another homemade snack success!

I am finding such a huge difference in my grocery bill by making most of the kids snacks! I still buy the occasional bag of Teddy Grahams or Goldfish if they are on sale but slowly we are getting away from the bagged and boxed stuff! Now if only I could buy my own cow and cut the cost of milk....hmmm, pretty sure Matt won't agree to that one!...yet! ;)

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*AMY* said...

Having your own cow is great :) I love not having to buy milk! And pretty soon I won't have to buy butter either! (Gonna tackle making that soon, even if it is just to bake/cook with!)

*AMY* said...

OH! And I am so glad that you are all feeling better!

Andrea Cook said...

andrews cousins own half a stays at the farm and they go pick up the milk from the farmer.

i love making yogurt...i havent done it in a long time but i was doing it quite a bit for awhile although i found my yogurt would come out a bit runny...delicious but a little runny. I didn't use whole milk though. The instuctions i used doesn't use thermometres and i would put the hot milk in a bowl of cold water to get it to cool down quicker..The microwave seems like a good idea. The one i used uses the light in your oven and you leave it overnight. Enjoy your yummy yogurt. Add a little honey in plain yogurt for a wonderful treat!!!My mom used to do that and andrew makes fun of me because plain yogurt with honey is still my favourite thing ever!

Gina said...

Amy, I am so jealous of your farm life!!

Andrea, half a cow sounds like a great idea!! And I'll definitely be trying some honey in my yogurt! I'm addicted!

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