The Red Carpet {BFIAR}

The week before last we 'rowed' The Red Carpet by Rex Parkin.

What was the story about?
Piper: At the hotel the man pushes the carpet out. It keeps rolling on the road. It goes all over town. The police officers try to get it and put it in jail.
Taitum: It goes to the ferry!!
Piper: The Duke thinks that's nice of them. They drive back to the city. The Duke tells all his friends.

What was your favorite part?
Piper: When they make a new part for the hotel.
Taitum: When the carpet goes to the ferry!

We pulled out our Little People town, set it up and added a red carpet!
Piper quite enjoyed creating a tangled maze of red carpet ribbon through her town!

Even our littlest student enjoyed this activity!

We learned about police officers.
We used many of the printables from Homeschool Creations' Police Printable Pack.

Taitum surprised me with how well she did with the pre-writing trace pages I gave her!

She also completed a police officer's colors book and proved that she knows most of her colors now!

Both girls did the How Many Fingerprints? booklet by adding the right number of fingerprints to each page.

Piper did a few of the printables from The Red Carpet printables, also at Homeschool Creations.

She did a sign scavenger hunt where she had to find various signs in the illustrations of the book.

She also completed a maze and a copywork sheet.

Then, of course, we had to BECOME police officers ourselves!
I printed off a hat and badge for each gal and let them have some fun pretending!

In the story, the carpet causes a vendor to overturn his pretzel cart.
Delightful Learning provided me with the idea of trying some pretzels for ourselves so one day we headed out for an extra special snack at the mall!
Neither girl was overly fond of their pretzel but it was a fun morning out nonetheless!

The girls learned some new vocabulary: arrest, statue, dock and hoarse.
For the most part, learning new vocabulary has been their own doing!
With each book we read they hear new words and inquire as to their meaning!
I love their inquisitiveness and it makes it far easier for me to decide which words we should concentrate on!

We also talked about hotels and what the purpose of them is.

We discussed what police officers do and when to call 911.

WE even talked about why cows wear bells around their necks after the girls noticed one in the illustrations!

I have to say, as much fun as the actvities are, so much learning happens simply from their questions and interest. They notice things and wonder about things I never would and it always leads to really interesting conversations! As a result, they are learning far more then I could have imagined!

Delightful Learning

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