The Best Course of Action

There is something I'm learning as a Mama
And I'm learning it one hard day at a time
It's not advice I'd ever been given
But that I now know to be true
And remind myself of often

photo by Renee Walton Photography

After a day or two of whiners and complainers
Of disobedience and disorder
And scrubbing window writers off the couch
Picking gum off the floor
And re-reteaching a child to clean up their mess when asked
After dealing with bottom of the bathroom sink toothpaste eaters
And the newly dubbed non napper
(As well as the stubbed toe/irritated sister/stepped on toy screamer who created such a beast.)
Once they've turned their nose up at a supper or two
And have delighted in finger painting with mushy bananas
When they've done all that and maybe a little bit more
And you're feeling ready to burst
Or fade
Or freak
Or simply faint
What is the best course of action?

photo by Renee Walton Photography

I am told
Is the way to go
Run off on your own
Get away

And they would be right
Sort of
Because yes, a breather is good and needed sometimes
Walk around your closest department store
Pushing a cart of nothing
(Or in my case, a cart of everything that I will inevitably put back and end up buying only a carton of milk.)
Enjoy a coffee with a friend
Especially the type that will ignore the smudge of something on your shoulder
Or the dried glue in your hair
(If you don't have such a friend find one. They are invaluable.)
But distance never solves the dilemma of discouragement

photo by Renee Walton Photography

But no one ever talks about the other part
The most important thing to do
When your kids are driving you crazy
And motherhood feels like a whole lot more than you remember signing up for
Want to know the secret to rejuvenating the mother's heart?

Spend time with them.

photo by Renee Walton Photography

You heard that right
Skip through the parking lot holding that little one's hand
Look her in the eye when she tells you she loves you
Hug them tight
Sing to your baby and drink deep of that baby smell
Giggle at those open mouth, slobbery kisses
Read a book and snuggle close
Laugh fully at their goofiness
And be goofy, too
Kiss their Daddy and remind them that he is the best
Make up silly songs together
Go along with the classic games of childhood and pretend you don't know where they could be
Be the tickle monster

photo by Renee Walton Photography

So simple
But unbelievably good
To forget the housework and the hurry and the heaviness of the days gone by
And just hold them.

(And the five year old sits in the back of the van, belting out "You are a Savior and you take brokenness aside and make it beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!" And then, "Sing it with me, Mama! Sing it!")

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~ Sally Clarkson

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