Prayer For A Child {BFIAR}

This is a little girl's prayer written as a poem.
With its vintage picture and rhyming couplets, this book is absolutely charming!
Both my girls adored it but especially Piper.
There were certain lines I'd read and she would stop me and say, "Oh, Mama! Can you write that down for me, please?!"
I ended up typing up the whole poem for her and highlighting her favorite parts.
She drew a picture on it, we laminated it and it is now hanging beside her bed.
I thought this was just so sweet and I love how she connects with the books we read!

Her favorite parts?

"Through the darkness, through the night
Let no danger come to fright
My sleep till morning once again 
Beckons at the window pane"


"Bless the hands that never tire 
In their loving care of me"


"Bless my Father and my Mother 
And keep us close to one another"

The girls also traced their hands, cut them out and I wrote on each of the fingers the names of people they are praying for.
Then they glued it all together and added some glitter (just because!).

One line of the book says:

"Bless other children, far and near
And keep them safe and free from fear"

To go along with this, we took some time to learn all about our sponsor child, Joel.
We found the country he lives in, Burkina Faso, on the map and made the country's flag.
We talked about his family and what he does each day.
We chatted about his birthday while making birthday cake crafts to pin up by his birth date and a picture of him on his last birthday.
The girls also drew pictures for him that we will send with our next letter!
(That's what they are holding up.) 

Using the Compassion International homeschool lesson plans, we talked about how kids in places like Burkina Faso like to play sports and games, just like us.
But because they have very little money, they don't have easy access to sports equipment.
Instead, they are very creative and make things using items they have on hand.
The girls gave this a try by making a ball out of grocery bags and twine!
We then found a box that was headed for the garbage to use as our goal.
And then began our first ever game of bag ball!

Both girls had a blast with this!
There was lots of hooping and hollering for each goal they made and because the ball was made of bags, nothing was broken (and no one was hurt!) during this rambunctious little game!

Because the poem refers to things that the little girl is thankful for, I figured it was a good time to start our thankful wall.
Every year I mean to do this but by the time I remember, Thanksgiving is upon us!
This year, we've got a good start!
Each morning the girls tell me something they are thankful for.
I write it down, they decorate their card and we add it to the wall!
So simple but we have all enjoyed this daily activity!

The girls learned the song "Jesus Loves the Little Children" this week, too.
This song has now been echoing through our home for the last week and half!
I tried to capture it on video for you because their little voices singing in unison are oh-so-cute but alas, my camera hates me.
If I'm able to get it in the days to come, I'll share it in another post!

That's all for this book!
We are now on to rowing How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World - our very first FIAR row!

Delightful Learning

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Amber said...

Oh, so many good ideas here! I will definitely add a study of our Compassion child to our row of this book, as well as the bag ball. Thanks!

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