The Carrot Seed {BFIAR}

This week we 'rowed' The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss.
We don't own the book and it wasn't available at the library this week so I found a youtube version instead that we read each day!

We began our week by putting together a little science project...

I chopped the ends off some carrots while the girls filled their jars with a few stones.
Then they placed the carrot top in the jar and added some water until it touched the bottom of the carrot.
Piper predicted that the carrot would grow.
I think she meant that it would grow into a whole new carrot...
Either way I was skeptical and figured I probably should have bought newer carrots for this to actually work.

A couple days later I was proved wrong!
The top of one of the carrots began to grow!
This is a bit of a blurry picture but you get the gist.
And today the sprouts are even taller than when I took this picture!

Naturally, the girls got in on the carrot chopping action on a night we were having them with our supper.
Good life skill especially when you add the extra challenge of trying to cut a carrot with a bread knife...
Piper is actually able to use the real deal but Tait totally IS NOT so Piper sweetly goes along with the butter knife thing to alleviate any squabbles.

We explored seeds this week too.
I provided a sample of each of the different seeds we are going to be planting in our garden for the girls to explore.
I was surprised by how very interested they were!
This led to furthur, unplanned, seed activities.

For example, sorting them by size.
Pipe was surprised at how small some of the seeds were.

We also made a seed collage.

In preparation for our garden, we made garden markers.
Piper was very proud of her happy vegetables.
Her and I cut them out and Tait helped us with the glueing.

I thought they turned out really cute!

Tait's favorite thing this week was a special snack I made for the girls: carrot cookies in chocolate dirt.
She was thrilled!
I was a little disappointed because I initially had planned to let the girls make these but ended up not feeling well that day so threw them together myself and surprised them at snack.
In the long run, it was worth it to see their delight at the special treat!

For math, we dabbled with measurement by measuring the girls...

And then creating a giant carrot as big as they are!
(Just like the carrot the little boy in the book grew.)

The only thing we didn't get to do this week was actually plant our garden because the weather was not very cooperative but we'll hopefully get around to it this weekend!

In Tot School...

Taitum explored the color green this week.
We made green ooblek to play in.
(1 part water to 2 parts cornstarch makes a non Newtonian fluid.)
This stuff is ridiculously fun to play with!

The girls attempted to make some plants by doing a blow painting but this is a lot harder than it looks!

Tait's ended up spattering her picture with spit and then gave up and finger painted instead!
Craft FAIL!

I'm still undecided as to which book we'll do next week.
We may even just take a break!
But with rain in the forecast (again!) that might not be a good idea!
Tomorrow I'm off to my first ever homeschooling conference and SUPER excited so I'll think about next week later, k?


The Mommy School said...

Hi there! We'll be rowing The Carrot Seed this week! Thanks for all of your great idea's. I will probably link back to your post!

Gina said...

The Carrot Seed is one of our favorites! I hope you and your children enjoy it as much as we did! It's a wonderful way to welcome April and the arrival of warmer weather!

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