Preschool Line Up: Nature Exploration and a Cooking Curiousity

One thing I am very adamant about including in our homeschool curriculum is a nature study.
The more I read, the more I am convinced that this aspect of a child's education is extremely important.
There is so much to be explored and discovered in the great outdoors!
The problem is, despite enjoying the outdoors, I know very little about nature.
How exactly am I supposed to teach my kids about it??
So I went on a search for a book that would guide me in the process but that provided ideas simple enough for a 4 year old.
That's when I happened upon The Kids' Nature Book.

It gives you a nature activity for each day of the year!
Although we don't do nature study each day of the week, it provides loads of ideas for what to do!
I discovered too that I am really not that helpless when it comes to nature related knowledge!
This book ended up reminding me of things I already knew but had forgotten.
Also, it keeps me on track according to seasons - when certain things are happening in nature or the best time to try certain activities.
Yay for organization!
And so our walks have taken on a whole new aspect.
We are opening our eyes to the world around us.
Becoming curious investigators.
Discovering fantastic and interesting aspects of this beautiful creation!
Ok, maybe not we.
Just me.
My girls are already good at this!
And we chat and inquire and collect and enjoy all that God has made!
Its becoming one of the most peaceful parts of our day.

After spending a morning collecting wildflowers, Piper, Taitum and I made suncatchers with our findings!
Talk about brightening up a window! :)

Now we are in the process of 'hunting' squirrels and watching them gather nuts.
Here, Piper is watching one that was in a tree we were walking by with an acorn in his mouth!

Then she gathered some acorns of her own - she tells me its for her "lection"...

"Let them once get in touch with Nature, and a habit is formed which will be a source of delight through life.
We were all meant to be naturalists and it is inexcusable to live in a world so full of the marvels of plant and animal life and to care for none of these things."
-Charlotte Mason

At home, in the kitchen, we're involved in some more tasty pursuits!
Once a week, Piper becomes head chef and follows a recipe all her own!
She is over the moon!
This book, The Do It Myself Kids' Cookbook, created the most excitement from her when her homeschool books arrived in the mail.

It not only has fun and unique recipes but also provides picture instructions!
Perfect for a child who is not reading yet!
As well, the recipes do not require anything sharp or hot to accomplish!

This week was Piper's first stab at one of the recipes: Honey, Berries and Almond Butter on Graham Crackers.
I set out the ingredients and went through the instructions with her.

And off she went!
Measuring, spreading...

Drizzling honey...

And voila!
A culinary masterpiece!

It was oh-so-good!
And Piper was oh-so-proud!

I realize that the recipes are rather simple.
This one probably more so than many of the others.
But I am excited about the skills she is going to learn.
Spreading, chopping, measuring, following directions...
The list goes on!
Eventually she'll move on to greater challenges.
(Like making supper for us? Please?)
But for now I think this is a great start!
And most of all her enthusiasm about getting to 'cook' all by herself is adorable!

Do you have any helpful links related to nature studies or kid friendly recipes?
Please share!
I am forever looking for fun ideas!

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