Preschool Line-Up: Math, French and Phys. Ed.

Well, this is my last 'Preschool Line-Up' post!
That's right - we've come to the end of all of this years endevours!
I will take some time in days to come to explain how we fit these things into our week because from here it can look crazy and overwhelming!
I'm not even close to figuring it all out but I am learning a lot!
(And you thought it was just the kids who were learning!)

Let's start with Math!
Our main mode of study for math comes from this little book: MathArts.

Its full of crafty ideas that focus on building early math skills!
Genius, in my opinion!
Kids create masterpieces and learn math in the process!
For example, last week Piper made a bottle cap treasure board!

Not only did it provide a pretty spot to display our nature study findings, it also taught one-to-one correspondance!
The lovely thing about this book is that the materials needed are quite simple and the projects are fun and very kid-oriented!

Piper also has a math workbook for practicing writing numbers.
So far, its had little use.
When there is some spare time and she's up to it, I pull it out.
But at this point I'm not a big fan of offering workbooks and concentrating on copywork.
Right now strengthening those little hand muscles through various fine motor skill activites and strengthening the brain with counting, sequencing and matching activities are more important!
(That said, if your kid is really intent on workbook type work, follow their interest! I simply have not found it very successful for Piper at this time!)

We also pulled our Mighty Minds set out again.
I had ordered it last year for Piper as it was part of the Sonlight P3/4 curriculum.
It proved to be too advanced for Pipe, so I packed it away for awhile.
This year is a whole new story!
Not only is she capable of completeing the tasks but she enjoys doing it!

I just love watching her little mind figure the designs out and how excited she gets when she completes a card!

This year I have begun to purposefully introduce French into our learning.
Last year we simply worked on counting to ten in french and Piper caught on extremely fast.
Not only that but I have also marveled at their correct usage of Spanish words they've learned from Dora in everyday life.
I figured I'd be crazy to not start introducing some french vocabulary on a regular basis!
We're starting with colors and will add other common words as the year goes on.
Piper works on a page of her Basic French workbook each week.
Its quite helpful and well suited for her age group in that there is not much copywork but mainly coloring activites and such that require knowledge of the french word in order to be completed.

My First French Book is being used in our circle time to introduce and dialogue about the words we are learning.

Finally, we can't forget about Phys. Ed.
What kid doesn't like that class??
They are generally just aching to move and stretch those muscles!
Eventually (ie. when I'm not pregnant!) I intend to incorporate a kid friendly exercise video into our daily routine.
For now, we're content to take a daily walk or trip to the park.
I also make a point of involving the girls in classes outside our home.
There are some things that I just can't teach them.
Like dance.
Its just not happening no matter how ambitious I am!
So through the school year Piper goes to a weekly class that she is crazy about and has a load of fun at!

As well, both girls attend a swimming class each week.
Not only do they adore the water but its a skill that we feel is very important for them to learn!

That wraps up all of this year's homeschooling plans!
Don't be too sad -
I'll be posting regularly about many of our educational adventures!
We're already off to a great start and looking forward to all this year holds!

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