Summer Time Fun {2013}

 Every summer, without fail, summer kicks my blogging butt!
We're just having way too much fun!
Here's a glimpse at our summer so far 
And a (sorta, maybe) promise that I'm back?

Sea life observed.

Playgrounds conquered.

Campfire stories told.

Campers slept.

Friends enjoyed.

Daredevils dared.

Cousins hugged.

Marshmallows roasted.

Puddles splashed.

Backpacks carried.

Ladders climbed.

Brother married.

Sisters copied.

Soccer played.

 Hikes completed.

New places discovered.

Ice cream eaten.

Roller coasters ridden.

Screamers screamed.

The kids all cheered.

18 'monther' smiled.
(Mama cried.)

I hope your summer has been full of fun, happy memories and relaxation, too!

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~ Sally Clarkson

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