Katy and the Big Snow {FIAR}

For two weeks before last, we rowed Katy and the Big Snow by Virginia Lee Burton.
This is the tale of a snow plow named Katy who is called upon to plow the city of Geopolis after a blizzard strikes.
She works diligently to plow a path through the snow so that essential elements of the city can return to their own duties.
This was quite fitting for this time of year - we see a lot of snow plows around!
Once again, I was surprised by how enamored the girls were with this story about a machine!
They were also very intrigued by the illustrations and the various 'extras' found around the border of each page.

Social Studies:

I taught Piper about the compass and pointed them out on various maps that we own.
She also learned the points of a compass and we took some time to figure out in what direction various windows in our home faced.
She also made this compass to include in her lapbook.

We also discussed maps.
Piper attempted to make a map of her room but this was very difficult for her.
In the end, we made one together where I would draw one item and ask what was behind it, beside it, etc.
Next, I hid their snack in their room, marked it on the map and they had to go find it.

This was pretty easy but they loved it!

We also took some time to discuss diligence.
Piper was the one to first point out that Katy worked really hard.
This led to a conversation about how important it is to work hard, complete a job and do it well.
We reviewed all the people who were impacted by Katy's diligence in the story.
We then took it a bit further and thought of how these people would have been negatively affected had Katy given up or not done her job well.


We talked about characteristics of Katy.
I wrote our answers on the whiteboard and Piper later grabbed some paper and wrote a few down herself so I included them in her lapbook.

We reviewed personification by discussing the ways the author and illustrator personified Katy.
We also happened upon repetition.
Katy repeats the line "Follow me!" to the different people she plows out and Piper loved saying this part each day as we read the story.
It gave a perfect opportunity to point out a new literary device!


The snow drifts were 5 feet high!
We measured out 5 feet of yarn so we could see just how high that was exactly!

I introduced counting by fives by making a number line and letting Piper practice.

Katy had 55 horse power so we found all the horses and ponies the girls owned to see how many horse power they had!
They divided them in groups of five and together we counted by fives to forty!


The girls cut out paper snowflakes.
This was a first for Tait and she was so in awe of the big reveal!
Piper is an old pro now and can maneuver her scissors quite well.
We use them to decorate for Renly's birthday party.


One day it was snowing so we caught some snowflakes to observe.

We also kept track of the weather for the week.
(Find the printable weather chart here.)

Just for Fun:

Piper and Tait helped me make sparkling snowflake cookies to serve at Renly's party!

Another successful row!
This one spilled into two weeks though because we are still waiting on "Who Owns the Sun?" to come available at the library.
(I believe it is out of print so I'm going to have to wait patiently...)
This ended up working out well for us since the first week was so busy with preparations for Renly's birthday party, doctor appointments, etc.

As a result of reading this book the girls now notice all the snowplows when we are out!
They often excitedly point and yell "There's Katy!!!" 

Delightful Learning

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This is incredibly cute and good ideas to kids to learn math having fun.

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