Cranberry Thanksgiving {FIAR}

I'm a little behind keeping you up to date with our 'rows' but my long lost camera has returned!
Now I can fill you in on all the fun we've been having!

The week before Thanksgiving, we rowed Cranberry Thanksgiving by Wende and Harry Devlin.
It was a cute story but I must admit - I wasn't overly fond of it.
However, the kids seemed to really enjoy it and that alone makes any 'row' a joy!

The story is about a grandmother who has a secret recipe she wants to someday pass on to her granddaughter, Maggie. She is extremely suspicious of Mr. Whiskers, Maggie's Thanksgiving dinner guest, because of how he looks and smells. She much prefers her own guest, Mr. Horace, who appears much more proper and put together. In the end, Grandmother's assumptions prove false when Mr. Horace steals the recipe and Mr. Whiskers saves the day!

First, we learned about New England and which states it includes.
Piper colored in the states on a map I provided her as I pointed each one out on a map of the US.

Then we added a story disk to our world map.
Piper was excited to see how close New England is to where we live and asked if we could go visit someday!
I think we might just have to do that!

We talked about setting and what the setting of the story was.
I had Piper draw a picture and tell me what the setting was for her picture.

We listened to the song "We Gather Together" since Maggie, Grandmother and their guests sing it together.

We watched a video about where cranberries come from.

Piper estimated how many cranberries were in a bag and then counted them.
She also tested to see whether they sink or float.

And of course, we had to make Grandmother's Cranberry Bread using the recipe found in the book!
It was really yummy and Piper was thrilled to get to make it mostly on her own!
This girl loves to bake!

We discussed judging people by appearances.
Taitum was rather enamoured with the silhouette illustration so we took some time to talk about that.
(Time didn't allow for us to make our own silhouettes but hopefully we can find time to do that in the future since Tait was so interested!)

This was a short week for us since we left for Thanksgiving holiday with family on Thursday but I think we got a lot accomplished!
We went on to row The Story About Ping when we got home the following week but I'll tell you about that in my next post!

Delightful Learning

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Rebecca said...

We did similar things this week with FIAR. Im happy to see the song though, ill have to show it to my daughter in the morning :)

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