The Little Rabbit {BFIAR}

This week we 'rowed' The Little Rabbit by Judy Dunn.
This one was extra special to me because I remember it well from when I was a child!
I always loved the real life pictures it contained and the fact that it was about a little girl who had a pet of her own.
Oh, how I wanted my very own pet!
(Which I eventually got.)
So I knew Piper and Taitum would love it too.
Especially Piper.
The day that girl gets her first *real* pet will be an exciting day!

We did some color matching with this story.
This was a suggested activity from the Before Five In A Row manual.
I would point out various colors in the book and Pipe would dig through the crayon box and find the corresponding color.
This ended up being way more fun than it sounds.
It took several tries each time to find the perfect match.
And Piper was very exact about finding just the right color match!

In the story, the rabbit has babies.
This was the girls' favorite part of the whole story!
I figured this was a good time to use some mother and baby match cards I'd seen at 1+1+1=1!
I printed them off and grouped them on the floor into mothers, babies, and names.
The girls took turns picking a mother animal and finding her baby.
Piper would find the animal name by figuring out the beginning sound.
This also was a good chance to teach what the babies of various animals are called.

The Little Rabbit is unique in that all the illustrations are photographs!
Piper made up her own story this week and used her camera to take photos of the story.
She loved doing this!
I'll share her story on my next post!

We visited the seniors' home where my grandfather lives and my mom works.
This provided an opportunity for the girls to see a real rabbit - Peter, one of the pets who lives at the home.
They especially liked seeing how his nose wiggled just like the rabbit in the story!

One of our AAR lessons this week was the phonetic sound for V.
As a result, we happened upon volcanos!
The girls had no idea what a volcano was so we took some time to learn about them!
I showed them youtube videos of ones in Hawaii erupting since their grandparents are headed there next month.
Piper got a little upset thinking Nana and Boppa were going to get hurt by volcanos while away.
Poor girl!
It took some explaining to convince her that they will be just fine and she did end up calling them to warn them just in case they didn't know about volcanos!

She ended up changing her mind about volcanos once we made our own!
The girls were in awe of the little eruption they made and repeated it over and over and over!

After numerous eruptions, they spent some time messing around with baking soda, vinegar and pipets while I got supper ready!
This is seriously a great way to keep kids occupied for a LONG time!

Finally, on Saturday night I made lava cakes since we were having company over.
It was a delicioius finale to our foray into the world of volcanos!

That was most of our week!
Taitum also focused on the color yellow.
My plan is to spend a week on each color by doing simple activities with her.
She's is doing well with her colors but I want her to really get them down pat!

Next week is a busy week for us so instead of moving onto another BFIAR book we are going to continue to look at rabbits using the book Rabbits and Raindrops by Jim Arnosky.
It was recommended in the manual as a complimentary book to The Little Rabbit and was available at the library.
Also, we will be finishing up our All About Reading Pre-1 program!

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