Full Tilt Toddler!

Life with Taitum is a non-stop show! She is forever goofing around, making funny faces, doing a silly dance - anything to make you laugh! And laugh we do! The best is getting to share in her silly shenanigans like making faces with her in the bathroom mirror (this is something her and I do far too often!).

She has also become a full tilt toddler! Go, go, go!! That's her motto! She goes from one thing to another to another to another...all in about 30 seconds! She doesn't get in too much trouble though because 1) she has a big sister keeping track of her every move and 2) I do my best to keep her occupied!

Without further ado, here is Tait's busy week:

First, we played with this Sunmaid raisin book I found at the library. She had to add the raisins to the ladybugs that had no spots or the dogs that had no spots or the cinnamon rasin bread that had no raisins. She was rather enthralled with eating the raisins so it took a little while for her to catch onto the concept. Once she did, she'd quickly put the raisins on the page where they were supposed to go then quickly swipe them all back up and into her mouth!

This activity took some fine concentration but she was able to put every toothpick in the jar! She was really into this activity even though it was quite the challenge!

Taitum is very interested in the books I read to them at breakfast in the mornings and as soon as I let her down from her high chair she heads right over to take a look at them for herself! I do believe I have 2 bookworms on my hands now! (Not that I'm complaining!)

This activity was extremely hard for Tait. She simply had to pinch the clothespin open and attach it to the edge of the container. She worked on it diligently but couldn't quite keep it open long enough to get it onto the container. I ended up helping her out with most of them (which she was not very happy about!)

We've done this one before - placing the stones in the ice cube tray - but Taitum is in love with this activity so I pulled it out again!

Playing outdoors was definitely the highlight of Tait's week! She especially loved being able to take her beloved Eggroll bunny for a walk in the stroller! This was adorable to watch because every so often she'd stop and go around to check on him!

Upon Piper's request, we made some more bread and bird seed feeders to put in a tree in our yard. Last time we did this, I wouldn't let Tait help since she was so terrible at putting everything into her mouth. I really did not want to be digging bird seed out of her mouth! But she's gotten better with this so I decided to let her try. I still had to watch her like a hawk but she did great and enjoyed being able to participate!

She helped her sister find farm animals in our farm animal hay box. Piper had to sort the animals and Tait decided to make it a little bit more challenging for her sis by finding one and running away with it before Pipe could sort it! ;) Nothing like combining a sorting activity and PE!

On St. Patrick's Day, Taitum painted a shamrock.

She was also going to make a Froot Loop rainbow like her sister but...

Decided just eating them was a better plan! Considering that this was her first time ever having them, I can't say that I blame the girl!

That was our week! Hope you enjoyed tagging along!

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Liz said...

Such a fun week! We tried a clothespin work too a while back but it was too hard for Avery too. Oh well, we'll give it a try again later. Love the idea of making the bird feeders, so cute and fun! She's one smart girl, eating the Fruit Loops instead of glueing them down, yum!

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